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Also offered, starting Spring 2024 ….
Pilates Teacher Training from


“I just had an intro session at Rogers Park MOVES and wow!
I was so nervous about going in, but they’re super friendly, accommodating, and encouraging! I’m a curvy/thick girl and felt right at home. I HIGHLY recommend attending one of their classes …I can’t wait to go back again!”

Samantha L.

Land Reverence

As we welcome you into this space, it’s important for us to acknowledge why and how we are able to occupy it.

Prior to Chicago (zhegagoynak, Potawatomi “place of the wild onion”) being established as a city in 1833, this area was one of many dramatically changed by the Treaties of St. Louis. Many of these treaties were drawn up on behalf of the US government under deceptive and coercive pretense. An 1816 treaty dealt specifically with this area and after it’s “signing”, any Indigenous peoples in relationship with this land were formally and forcefully prohibited from occupying the area south and east of the Indian Boundary Line (currently Rogers Ave.)

While the Chicagoland area is the ancestral territory of the Council of the Three Fires (Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi), This land also knows the labor (cultivating, building, caretaking, struggle) celebration (music, song, ceremony and dance), language (that of Dakhóta, Hoocąk, Bodéwadmimwen, and Illinois) harmony and discord of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ (Sioux),  Peoria , Myaamia (Miami), Hoocąk (Ho-Chunk) and Kiikaapoi  (Kickapoo) nations.

Presently, Chicago is home to a community of over 5,000 people of many Indigenous nations. As part of a reparative process, we encourage you to explore how you can support them in the continuation of their ways and well being. We have committed to sharing funds with  First Nations Garden on a monthly basis and are currently involved in the campaign to  Stop Line 5 pipeline/tunnel in the Straits of Mackinac. 
We also acknowledge what we have written here will be a statement that evolves as our commitment to LANDBACK grows. 

Gratitude to Fawn Pochel for their guidance in expressing truth and reverence. 

Our Approach

Pilates began as “Contrology” in 1920s Germany (from creator Joseph H. Pilates 1883-1967). The method evolved as Mr. Pilates came to the US, developed more equipment, and shared his work and vision with anyone who was interested in improving their health.
As you can imagine, the picture of health and “fitness” during those years was Eurocentric. Dominant culture and the upholding of these ideals contributed to the proliferation of the Pilates method. Today it fits neatly into the Fitness Industrial Complex (a concept created and developed by Justice Roe) in that it feeds into a prescriptive notion of what wellness and health look like.

The way we see it, Pilates can be part of building your relationship with your body. We acknowledge that, while it has helped many folks develop strength, experience mind-body awareness and contribute to their healing, it has also caused harm. Barriers related to race, class, gender, disability, and anti-fat bias have been upheld for decades.

Rogers Park MOVES instructors take their responsibility in hosting a supportive movement space seriously. If a situation arises where repair is necessary, there will be both verbal and actionable efforts toward resolution. We commit to deep listening and respecting folks’ lived experience.

We are excited by the idea that, though we are experienced instructors in Pilates, you are the expert of your body. Our goal in this space is to be affirming.

When you join us

Bring your whole self …and a few other things:

  • Your favorite water bottle (there is no drinking water source at this time)

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Socks (optional)

  • Face mask (we always have some near the door in case you forget) 

Rogers Park MOVES is just a block west of the Morse Red Line stop and a few blocks east of the 22 CTA Bus. If you are driving, there is free street parking on surrounding north/south streets, and metered parking on Morse Ave. for $2.50/hour

Our entrance is wheelchair accessible, but our restroom is not (yet!) Please contact us below if you have any accessibility needs we may not have included here.

Storefront window in close-up so just part of Rogers Park MOVES logo signage is in top left corner, apartment windows across street, privacy shade and large rubber plant fill the frame


1445 W. Morse Ave,

Chicago, IL 60626

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